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You don’t have to go far to start exploring! When you stay at Kama Village, we provide several recommendations for destinations that you can visit. From beaches, beach club to hidden gems, explore the beauty of nature in all its glory.


At Kama Village, you’ll be served by a dedicated burler who will take care of all your needs. Our helpful staff is always on hand to answer your questions and take care of any requests you have. They are also here to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Family Friendly Advantages

Kama Village is a family friendly villas where amenities and villa space can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you want to dip and have fun in the pool or relax by the living area, the villas is perfect for every family needs.

Spacious Outdoor Pool

Escape the heat and relax in style with our spacious outdoor pool. With crystal clear waters, comfortable lounge chairs, and surrounded by lush greenery, it’s the perfect place to unwind and beat the everyday hustle. Whether you’re looking to exercise or soak up the sun, our pool has everything you need for a great time.

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