The Grand Fondo New York Bali 2023

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Participating in GFNY events requires adequate training and preparation. Prior to an event, cyclists typically follow training plans to improve their fitness, endurance, and cycling skills. A well-maintained bicycle, appropriate cycling gear, and a good understanding of safety guidelines and road etiquette are all essential.

The GFNY experience extends beyond the race. There are pre-race expos, packet pick-ups, social gatherings, and post-race celebrations that bring together cyclists, their families, and supporters.

Indonesia itself has been a part of the GFNY World Series since 2016 with the first event taking place in Lombok. The GFNY Bali road bike race will be held for the fifth time on Sunday, September 17, 2023, at Lagi Village in Gianyar. Participants can expect a one-of-a-kind cycling experience in the midst of the natural beauty and cultural richness of Bali, Indonesia, which is famous for its breathtaking landscapes such as rice terraces, volcanic mountains, lush jungles, and stunning coastlines. Cyclists can expect scenic routes that highlight the natural wonders, traditional villages, and cultural landmarks of the island. Participants with the best time records will have the opportunity to go to the GFNY World Championship in New York, United States of America.

The GFNY Bali 2023 route will offer multiple race distances to accommodate cyclists of varying abilities and fitness levels. First, Long Distance with a distance of 137 km and a total elevation of 2,126m. Second, Medium Distance with a distance of 102 km and a total elevation of 1,172m.

Involving many tourism sectors, this international sporting event is expected to revive the local economy. Moreover, many participants will come from within and outside Indonesia, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, England, the United States, and a number of other countries.


Activities will begin in the village of excess, along Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, passing through Amlapura, Bebandem, Straits, Tembuku, Besakih, Bangkled, Susut, and Bangli before returning to the starting point. Participants will travel through Manggis, Candidasa, Bugbug, Perasi, Bebandem, Sibetan, Macang, Selat, Muncan, and Bangli before arriving in More Village.


To participate in this event, please register directly at The fee is $191.86, which includes insurance and a buffet meal following the event. The registration deadline is February 28, 2023.

Those arriving from outside Bali and unsure where to stay can purchase a VIP package that includes lodging at Rumah Luwih Beach Resort or Wyndham Tamman Sari Jivva Resort. You can check reservations and details directly on this page, starting at IDR 5.3 million.

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